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In my original post Dallas vs. Ebola I pointed out the panic I was noticing over the fact that Ebola was in Dallas, as well as my observation that I believed Dallas and it’s people are more than capable of handling the situation. In my next post Media and The Politics of Fear I pointed out the fear-mongering of much of the media and my absolute disgust with that. Well I’m happy to report that not all of the media is engaging in the insanity. Check out the below segment of the Colbert Report as Stephen Colbert, in his usual hilarious manner, mocks the fear-mongering media with about as much disgust as I’ve ever seen peek through his “persona”. You’ll have to scroll down mid-page in the article to find the clip: The Colbert Report clip

Next check out this segment of the Rachel Maddow show that shows the compassionate, measured response of the team here in Dallas as well as Ms. Maddow’s usual calm and measured demeanor.  The Rachel Maddow show clip

If you are willing to dig a little, look past the mainstream media and be open-minded you can still find good reporting and truth in the media. It is a bit disconcerting that two satire shows, The Colbert Report and The Daily Show are my go to places for truth in the news. However, a study by Pew Research shows those two show’s viewers rank first in knowledge of national and international affairs while Fox News viewer rank last.  That said, if you get all of your news from one or two sources you are probably not getting the full picture. Always, always, always, get as much information from as many sources as you can before you take anything you hear as gospel.