The Dallas Morning News reports that Thomas Eric Duncan succumbed to Ebola this morning. He died just before 8:00 am. He is no longer suffering but I am sad for his family and send them my thoughts and wishes for peace and much love and support during this difficult time.

The news helicopters are buzzing the hospital again. They remind me of vultures. I ask again, what do they think they’re going to see? They could just show the hours of previous footage of rooftops and parking lots. No one would know the difference. What a waste of resources. I wonder how much fuel those choppers use, hovering for hours at a time? I’m grateful to the city of Dallas for moving Mr. Duncan’s family to an undisclosed location so that they can grieve in private.

My hope is that no one else in the family becomes ill with Ebola. And just as importantly, that the combined resources of the wealthy nations on this planet can come together and stop the outbreak in Africa so no more families anywhere have to endure this dreadful disease.