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October 14

A day that brought change

irrevocably, transcendentally

in ways unimaginable

to me, to my life

to my soul

A day that brought fear

As I looked in your eyes

The very first time

How do I do this?

How is it possible

to be responsible

for another human life?

I know nothing!

I’m a mess

What if I mess you up?

What if you hate me because of it?

A day that brought understanding

of what Love truly is

and is not

It has nothing to do with

a feeling

and everything to do with

a state of being

Of giving all of myself, but

A day of understanding

My state of being and of giving is

Not nearly enough

Not nearly enough time

Not nearly enough wisdom

Not nearly enough hope

Not nearly enough understanding

Not nearly enough humor

Not nearly enough strength

Not nearly enough compassion

Not nearly enough kindness

But, coming also to understand

That even though I alone am not

Nearly enough

Together we have

All that is needed

to make everything

More than enough

The day you taught me

To step outside my self-centered bubble

And see the oneness of life

The day you taught me

How to be more fully everything

Not just for myself

But for everyone I love

Thank you for choosing me

to be your mother