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My company is moving to a new building next week. Rather than being in a huge building with other companies, we will have our very own large building. We are not a gigantic company, but not a tiny one either. We hover around 700 employees. And my company is very well known here in Dallas and around the country really, and we got a really prime location and the new building that was just finished is really cool. At least from the outside. None of us have been allowed inside yet. So all of us are excited about the move. I mean we will have a state of the art gym on the top floor. How cool is that? And frankly it was time. We are in an older building and it shows. Especially in the elevators. I think we’ve all been stuck at least once! But seriously. If you’ve ever moved house you know what a pain in the a** that is. Just imagine moving 700 people and an entire company’s worth of stuff. All while trying to keep the business running at 100%. To say that nerves are a bit frayed is an understatement. All the tech will be unavailable (servers, etc.) on the move days, everything we need will have to be downloaded to our laptops. They removed the refrigerators from all the floors yesterday and while they let folks know they would be gone, half the people in the company missed that bit of info and were wandering around this morning wondering what they were going to do with their lunches. And we just found out that whatever water in the water coolers is left on each floor is it, they don’t want to have to move all that heavy water, so new stuff is being delivered at the new building. People are wandering around all, “but what am I going to drink?” as if bringing a bottle of water from home is the height of inconvenience. LOL. And oh my gosh the procrastinators that have put off cleaning out their cubes and packing up! But it’s all good and soon we’ll be in our new home. Movers start moving stuff on Wednesday evening next week (we have to work from home Thursday and Friday) and we will be allowed in the new building on Sunday afternoon to set up our new desks and check out the new building. I have a feeling it might turn into a party! Have any of you guys ever moved with an entire company into a new building? How was it? Let me know in the comments!