“The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.”
W. C. Fields

If only it were so easy. I don’t usually have insomnia. Of course when I do, it’s at the worlds worst times. Even though the thought of my warm bed and sweet dreams pulls at me, I know, for now at least, it ain’t happenin’. I’m planning to make the best of it though. I’m going to watch the sun rise with a cup of good coffee and meet today with a smile. And I’m going to keep that smile going all day even when I’d rather growl and mutter and be all crazy lady with the twitchy eye because I’m so tired. And I will pray as the day progresses that I can take W. C. Fields advice tonight. Because I’m not sure crazy lady with the twitchy eye will stay away tomorrow if I have another night like tonight! Have a great day, whoever may read this, and I wish you lots of sweet slumber just when you need it.