Yeah, in the company where I work, all the travelers LOVE Uber because it is cheaper and so they can go back to the client and say, look at all this money I’ve saved you. As long as the corporations are happy, right? *headdesk*

eats shoots 'n leaves

What Walmart is to shopping, Uber is to transport — a ruthless money machine stripping workers of their rights as it offloads both personal and corporate responsibility onto their backs — through that wonderful pretense of the “independent contractor” — and stiffing taxpayers with the costs of the inevitable disasters.

More than that, Uber is destroying yet another bastion of organized labor, that ultimate desideratum of neoliberalism, which resents any force, whether exerted by government or the workers who actually make the money that their financial overlords lay claim to by virtue of their social Darwinian pretensions to natural superiority.

But, damn, it sure is clever, ain’t it?

And what a name, an almost mocking allusion to the Nietzschean pretensions of the pseudolibertarians of Silicon Valley!

Dollars for the Ubermensch, peanuts — and liability — for the serfs.

So with that by way of context, here’s a fascinating Laura Flanders…

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