I’ve been having a bit of a back and forth with a fellow blogger in the comments section of one of his posts in which he states with all kinds of authority why rising sea levels are not and never will be a problem. He is not a scientist of any stripe, so I’m not sure where he gets his information, but it matters not because it is not only bogus, it also makes no sense. I should know better than to argue with these guys because there is no logic in their belief of a mass conspiracy to, well, I haven’t figured out what they think the reason is for such a conspiracy. I’ve been accused of being a loyal follower of a cult (?!) because I believe the science that shows that climate change is a real threat. I find that assertion bizarre, but whatever. So in honor of Earth Day (a day late) I’m sharing this beautiful video. It is a lovely poetic piece. I certainly don’t expect it to change the minds of those whose heads are so firmly in the sand on this issue, if they don’t believe the science, a poetic rapper certainly won’t convince them. I just think it’s lovely and wanted to share.