Dallas, TX

Bio: As you will no doubt discover if you read much of this blog, I am that liberal, feminist, pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, independent woman you were warned about. I promise I don't bite. I'm also quite an introvert, (the reserved/private, but not shy type) so I don't tend to be terribly outspoken about many of my views, at least in large groups. I doubt I can promise the same from my writing. I am a voracious reader. If I don't have something to read I am bereft. I love the arts of all kinds; theater, movies, music, books, art, photography and I love finding new stuff. My tastes in all of the above are very eclectic. There is just so much beautiful, fascinating, weird and amazing everything out there to discover. I should also admit to being a geek. Don't be surprised if I geek out from time to time on anything sci-fi or fantasy related. I hope you enjoy this blog. The opinions are my own. Take away from it anything that resonates for you and leave anything that doesn't.

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